Best Direction to sleep

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best direction to sleep

Sleep is defined as a resting state in which our body becomes inactive and the mind goes into an unconscious state. Getting a night of sound sleep is of utmost importance in order to start the following day with a bang. But, sometimes we may not be getting a sound sleep or not been able to concentrate on sleeping. Then in those circumstances, there’s a possibility that you are not sleeping in the best direction according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu keeps you updated with the best time to do anything. So today, the importance of Vastu Shastra lies in knowing the best direction to sleep as well. 

Everyone should ideally follow the right direction to sleep as a wrong positioning of the head or legs while sleeping can lead to misfortune or sickness and can distance you from a fruitful sleep.

So now the question arises, North, South, East, or West, which is the best direction to sleep or which direction is good to sleep in order to enjoy a peaceful night? Get your answer through Vastu Shastra. Before that, it’s important to understand why what are the benefits of having a good sleep.

So, let’s discuss some first.

  • A night of good sleep increases your life-expectancy rate than those who fail to get a good sleep.
  • A sound sleep keeps you energetic and active throughout the day.
  • It prevents from entering into the state of depression.
  • Sound sleep increases the concentration power of the brain so that you can have an utter focus on one thing only at a time.
  • A good sleep lets you perform at your highest all day.
  • Proper sleep makes you more productive at your work and it gives you the right balance in life.

So, getting good sleep is an important factor that determines your fortunes and success in life. But when to sleep, what is the right direction to sleep, etc. makes you frustrated sometimes. So, go through the below-mentioned points and get answers to all your queries.

Sleeping with the head pointing towards the North direction:

best direction to sleep

According to the ancient theories and Vastu, your body acts as a magnet with the head is its north pole. So, while sleeping with your head towards north direction leads to repulsion between your head and the earth. Hence, it leads to illness, mental disorder, misfortunes in life, and depression.

It affects the blood flow rate and makes you sleep-deprived. Due to the only reason, the body of a dead person is always placed with the head pointing north. So, avoid sleeping in this position to have an energetic day.

Sleeping with the head pointing towards the East direction:

best direction to sleep

Sleeping with your head pointing towards the East direction enhances your memory power, concentrating power, and ultimately leads to a life full of health and prosperity.

Teacher, scholars, students, and those who are working hard to make a living should try this position of sleeping to get all the success. Hence, there lies no doubt why this sleeping position is considered the right direction to sleep.

Sleeping with the head pointing towards the West direction:

best direction to sleep

Also regarded as a Neutral Sleeping Direction by some Vastu experts, East direction is very much similar to the North direction when it comes to sleep.

East direction can give you a good quantity of sleep, but then you have to make a compromise with its quality. But with sleep, quality is more important than quantity.

Sleeping in this direction leads to failures the next day at work, ineffectiveness at every task, etc.

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Sleeping with the head pointing towards the South direction:

best direction to sleep

This is the most ideal sleeping position that everyone should start following from today itself. This sleeping position can eliminate depression, stress, illness, etc.

It leads to good fortune, prosperity, good health, and success everywhere. It helps you in making meaningful and correct decisions according to the situations effectively.

People involved in businesses and another profession should ideally shift to this sleeping position because they are the ones who are busier and stressed out all throughout the day.

So, this article can help you earn all the success that you deserve. Getting a night of proper sleep is everyone’s right and Vastu Shastra is here to cater to your needs.

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