Best Diwali Gifts & Home Décor Ideas 2020

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Now, Dussehra is over and so is the auspicious Durga Puja and we all have entered into the most awaited phase of the year i.e. the phase of Diwali, a festival of lights and sweets. With Diwali round the corner and shopping for the same is going to be started in full flow all over India, we today, are listing down a brief review of the top 40 Best Online Shopping Diwali Gifts and home décor items that certainly needs to be in your Diwali wishlist and all these will take away your heart and soul. So, let’s start!

1. Malabar Gold and Diamonds 2 gm, 24k (999) Rose Gold Coin

Diwali is the festival of colors, sweets, and Jewelry. So, this Malabar Gold and Diamonds 2 gm rose gold coin worth 24 carats and 999 hallmark is worth considering as a premium Diwali gift. This coin is BIS hallmarked that stamps its originality. This is by far the best gift for your jewelry obsessed friends.

2. Lakshmi Chowki – UMHISHOP Wooden God Chowki Square Set of 2 Square Stool Patia

UMHISHOP presents this exclusive set of 2 wooden chowkis that are handcrafted and handpainted by our Rajasthani craftsmen and is capable of enhancing the décor of your puja room. Both the chowkis are made from high-quality and lightweight wood. These chowkis are an ideal platform for placing God’s statues and other auspicious things. 

3. Indian Art Villa Om Design Silver-Plated Pooja Aarti Thali

This silver-plated pooja and aarti thali is a perfect gift for your family and friends. This product comes packed in a fancy red/blue compact box and is elegant and remarkable. This elegant pooja thali can be gifted on Diwali, Anniversary, and Christmas. Indian Art Villa products are applauded for their incomparable craftsmanship and antique designs. Furthermore, this product weighs only 650 gm and thus, is light in weight.

4. 100yellow Diwali Puja Kit Samagri Poojan Gift Box

This exclusive Poojan kit by 100yellow is a perfect Diwali gift packed with all the pure and handpicked Poojan Samagri (like mishri, red cloth, roli akshat, Ganga Jal, etc.) after proper consultation from the pundits and is accompanied by a booklet consisting of all the Hindu aartis. Not to forget about the gold foil photo of various Gods and Goddesses laminated with a fluorescent paper sheet. 

5. Borosil Akhand Diya (Medium, Brass)

The Akhand Diya holds a unique place in the Diwali Poojan. This Akhand Diya is made from top-quality brass and comes with a protective glass covering which aids in emitting a brighter and clearer light from the akhand jyot. This Diya is resistant to both, heat and thermal shock. Moreover, this Diya is easy to clean and refill with oil and consumes lesser oil for burning.

6. White Metal Gold Plated Laxmi Ganesh Chocki Diya God Idol

This white metal gold plated Lord Laxmi Ganesh Diya is a proper gift for Diwali, Anniversary, etc. This is handcrafted and boasts an antique look. Its antique looks aid it in fitting with your puja room interior and is easy to clean. So, go for this superior quality Chocki Diya unwinds the affair of prosperity and calmness into your home & life.

7. ZOROY Luxury Chocolate Assorted Chocolate

Being a festival of sweets, this gift pack of 40 assorted chocolates (like Marzipan balls dipped in white chocolate, orange-flavored ganache coated with rich chocolate, creamy ganache coated with pure chocolate and almond bits, and many more) from ZOROY is bliss. All the chocolates are purely vegetation. These chocolates come in a deluxe red box to make it count on the list of the most premium gifts ever. 

8. Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box, 177g

Cadbury, a prestigious name in the chocolate industry never disappoints with its range of exotic and mouthwatering chocolates and this Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dairy Fruit Chocolate Gift Box is nothing new! This lovely chocolate gift pack comprises of 24 pieces of bite-size miniature chocolate bars wrapped individually to conserve its delicate taste. To your surprise, you have almonds, cashew nuts, and raisins coated with rich chocolate.

9. Art N Hub Bhagwan Ganesha Murti Mini Brass Dashboard Statue

This Bhagwan Ganesha murti is made up of brass and polished with 24k gold. It’s light in weight, durable, and will uplift the beauty of your puja room and surroundings. Place this murti in your homes and offices and witness the onset of fortune, deity, and contentment. This murti can be also be used as a car dashboard idol. So, this is an exemplary gift for this Diwali for your loved ones.

10. Pink Kites Color Changing Beautiful Butterfly Plastic LED Wall Night Lamp (Multicolor)

Embellish your homes and offices this Diwali with these lovely butterfly-shaped color changing LED night lights. These are durable and worth considering this for this festive season. The company provides 10 pieces of standard size under such a low price tag. So, get this ASAP to endow your surroundings with soothing and pleasant lighting. 

11. Decorative Buckets Diwali Diya for Decoration

Diyas are one of the hot-selling products every year on Diwali. But with modernization, these traditional diyas (made of plastic and painted brown) have got a modern look in the form of these Diya String Lights consisting of 21 diyas tied to a string that can be hung across your bedroom, gallery, living room, etc. The various glowing patterns like slow fade, twinkle, fade, etc.

12. Hemito Star Curtain LED Light, 2.5m long, 8 Mode Remote, 12 Golden Stars with 138 LED Waterproof Linkable String LED Lights

This is something you may not have heard of or seen before. These whim star-shaped curtain LED light consists of 138 waterproof LED lights and 12 golden stars. These LED lights don’t emit heat and are energy efficient. And for your surprise, this star-shaped curtain LED lights to come with 8 different lighting modes like slow-fade, chasing/flash, twinkle/flash, etc. Hence, nothing can stop this from being discerned as the best gift for this Diwali.

13. Hosley Wall Sconces 40 cm Long with 8 Glass Cup Candle Holders and Bonus Tealight Candles, Set of 2

This wondrous Hosley wall sconce is entirely built from iron and coated with black powder to give to a longer life. This wall sconce consists of 8 glass cup candle holders and golden-brown metal leaves to further adorn your room’s décor. Just light-up the Tealight candles (provided supplementary in a set of 2) and enjoy your twilight with this wall sconce. 

14. Quace 7 Colors Changing and 3 Lighting Modes Solar Outdoor Decoration Lights Hang and Stick, Single Unit

This is my personal pick for the best lighting system this Diwali. Quace is known for lighting-up your surroundings and these 7 colors changing the light that charges automatically via sunlight is nothing new to it. These lights are environment-friendly and can be hung around on walls/ceiling or placed on grass, floor, trees, etc. This is a perfect gift for this Diwali, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. Moreover, these are environment-friendly.

15. Collectible India Akhand Diya Decorative Brass Crystal Oil Lamp

This unique oval-shaped tea light and Diya holder is handcrafted by our own Indian artisans and the entire body is purely crafted out of good quality brass and the upper lid is made of glass. This product comes in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large. Moreover, this brass tea light and Diya holder never heats up even after continuous usage, emits brighter flame, and is highly durable. 

16. AtneP Lights 24 LED Tree for Diwali Home Decoration

This is my all-time favorite product from AtneP. This 24 LED light tree is a perfect companion for you this buy Diwali gifts online and for other festivities too. This tree is made of top-quality metal and emits warm and serene white light at an operating voltage of 240 V. So, this Diwali, illuminate your home and office with this AtneP 24 LED light tree.

17. Gmall Wax Nugget Floating Candles (White) – Pack of 25

These floating candles (set of 25) are entirely made of the finest quality wax and will always give you a pleasant and comforting experience every time you burn them. These floating candles can be placed in a swimming pool, water-filled bowls, etc. to give your home a better makeover in the simplest way. Hence, nothing can better than this, this Diwali!

18. CITRA 10 Led Crackle Ombre Ball Copper String Fairy Light

A must-have item in your Diwali wishlist, this CITRA product is an ideal find for your home and office decoration and also for other festivities. There are 10 multicolor LED balls tied to a robust copper string. When plugged-in, these 10 LED balls create a cheerful and radiant environment and sends joy and glee across a wide area. So, get this into your bag the next time you go out for Diwali shopping.

19. TIED RIBBONS Glass T-Light Holder

This is another option if you’re looking for a wall sconce this festive season. This product from TIED RIBBONS is built from glass and metal and comes in a set of 2. This T-Light holder is light in weight and will add an imperial touch to your home and office walls. Both the wall sconce consists of 4 tea light holders and appears wistful when lighted-up.

20. Collectible India Set Of 2 Metal Wall Sconces Tealight Candle Holders

This innovative tea light holder is a meticulous product for gifting as well as for personal use. This wall hanging candle holder is made up of metal and comes in a set of 2. These are so far the most classy and the most premium looking wall sconces ever introduced in the market. So, get yourself one this Diwali and surprise your guests.

21. Pindia Acrylic Crystal Plastic Strings Bead Hanging Curtain (Set of 10)(Multicolor)

This is one of the products that you can either gift to your precious ones or get one for your own use.  This bead hanging curtain consists of 10 strings forming an arc shape overhead to further supplement your home/office décor. All the crystals are made from acrylic plastic that gives them extra strength and shiny appearance. With this, you will get nylon fasteners to tie the strings to the overhead rod.

22. Trendy Crafts Metal Feng Shui Tortoise on Plate Showpiece (Golden, Diameter: 5.5 Inch)

This showpiece consists of 2 main parts. First is the glass plate that bosses golden metallic borders and a floral and leaf pattern. Second is the tortoise which is crafted from high-quality metal & symbolizes long life, determination, and stability. So, get one for your home today!

23. Collectible India Set of 4 Assorted Mix Color Flower Design Metallic Diya

This varied mix color floral design tea light holder with a metallic finish is a perfect buy in this festive season. All the diyas carry separate tea light holders and are made from the cast iron and thus, are enduring. Moreover, these diyas can also be used as floating diyas for further enrichment of your home décor. 

24. Crystal Gel Candles for Home Decoration for Diwali

These glass gel candles are cleverly designed by professional artisans to aid you in making your festive season a blessed one. These tea light candles produce low-intensity flames that look warmer and soothing. Every candle has its own soothing aroma that lasts for longer hours than the ordinary ones. The primary material is glass in which these gel candles are filled up for a distinctive look.

25. Star Master Projector Night lamp and Rotating

This starry night lamp with an HD projector is specially designed and manufactured for the kids to give them a feeling of sleeping in a galaxy full of colorful stars. There are 4 LED beads placed inside which emits a green, red, blue, and warm light. The entire body is of ABS plastic and is child safe. Moreover, this night lamp can also rotate 360 degrees.

26. Lord Ganesha Statue with Matki Candle and Wooden Tray

This Diwali gift is better than the rest! The Lord Ganesha figurine is made of high-quality polyresin and is placed over a wooden tray. The figurine is handcrafted and handpainted with glossy colors by our Indian Artisans. So, this Diwali, gift yourself and your loved ones this auspicious Lord Ganesha statue and witness the onset of success and ecstasy.

27. SAF ‘Ganesh’ Framed Painting

Embellish your walls and give a holy essence to your home décor with this outstanding Ganesh painting. These paintings come framed in a sturdy and polished wooden frame that adds more dignity to the paintings. Just hang these paintings in an eye-catchy pattern and acknowledge everyone’s appreciation. 

28. Akhand Diya Oil Lamp with Glass Cover Brass for Puja Home Décor

This Akhand Diya from Puja N Pujari is a perfect gift for your loved ones this Diwali. The entire diya is made of brass and comprises of a crystal glass clear that produce a clear and brighter light. 

29. Homesake Smoky Crystal Diya with T-Light Gold Plates, with T-Light/Candle

This smoky diya from Homesake will add a spark to your Diwali décor. This is a set of 4 gold plated T-Light candle holder. So, gift this to your loved ones this Diwali and get lauded by them.

30. Varni Creation Diwali Decoration-Traditional Toran For Door – 37″ Inch Length

FYI, a Toran is a traditional handmade decorative hanging that’s used for multiple purposes. This Toran is 37” inch long and can be hanged on doors, walls, etc. The primary material of this Toran is velvet which is super smooth in both, impression and touch. In India, Toran is believed to attract wellness and glee to the home.

31. Acrylic Rangoli with T Light Holder Multicolor Handicraft Jewel Stone Decorations

This is an acrylic rangoli that is handmade and crafted to perfection by the Indian craftsmen. This rangoli is extremely light in weight and has a long life. Being small in size, it can be placed in a pooja room of even small size. So, buy yourself one and further endow your pooja room and home décor.

32. Artshai Set Of 10 Decorative Handcrafted Golden Diya Tealight Candle Holder

This Diwali gift pack is a set of 10 decorative handcrafted golden diyas made from pure aluminum. All the diyas are of superior quality and doesn’t overheat and are capable of enriching your home décor. 

33. VRCT Plastic Colour Changing Flickering Flameless LED Candle Tea light

These color changing flameless LED candle tea lights are a great alternative to the traditional candle tea light with flame. These flameless candle tea lights are safer around the kids and kids. These candle tea lights come with 2 flickering settings, slow flickering and faster flickering. So, get this modern-day color-changing LED tea light and endow your home/office.

34. Decorative Unique Bunda Lady Candle Holder/Candle Stand/Candles Tea Light Holder

These unique bunda lady candle holder/tea light holder is made up of iron and can be used for mood lighting at parties, for candle-light dinners, to embellish your dull home interiors, etc. So, get this elegant candle holder to create a calm & delicate glow that arouses the senses and brings in a sweet aura to your home.

35. Techno E-Tail Waterdrop 20 Led Decorative Lights For Home, Warm White

Get out of those traditional multicolor bulbs and opt for this golden-colored E-Tail waterdrop-shaped LED decorative lights this festive season. These decorative lights add a charming and warmer touch to the living room, yard, garden, bedroom, etc. Apart from Diwali decorations, these lights can also be used for Christmas decorations. 

36. Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights 40 LED Garland Fairy Light for Diwali Ganapati Home Decoration

These electric lights are made from the premium quality and thus are safer to use. These lights emit charming light that develops a fascinating atmosphere in the home. These lights can be used on different occasions and will not disappoint anyone. So, gift this wondrous 40 LED garland to your loved ones, this Diwali.

37. Handcrafted Decorative Diwali Rangoli Set – 5 Piece Set – for Home Décor

A masterpiece from the SS Craft Creations, this decorative handmade acrylic rangoli (set of 5 pieces) is crafted with precious stones and exaggerated with kundans to beautify your home entrance by 1000 times. There is no need to use any sort of glue/sticker to fix this rangoli onto the floor. Just place and enjoy it! 

38. XERGY Battery Powered Bottle Lights (Warm White, Pack of 2)

These battery-powered lights consist of a copper string (both flexible and rigid) over which 20 LEDs are attached. These lights are easy to install and use. These lights can be placed in any glass bottle with different textures and thicknesses for different effects. After that, place these glowing bottles anywhere to attract the sight of your compatriots. The corks provided with these lights are of standard size and carry batteries for the lights. So, buy one this Diwali, today!

39. Citra 26 LED String Strip Light Rose Flower Shape Diwali Gardens Decoration 30 Led

This product is currently ruling the market due to its superior built quality. This product contains 26 micro LEDs placed inside rose-shaped veneers attached to a white rigid cable. These lights can be hanged over a wall, trees, doors, grasses, etc. These are versatile and can be put into use on various occasions like parties, Diwali celebrations, Christmas celebrations, etc. 

40. Little Surprise Box- Open Card Style Wooden Tealight Candle Holder Set

This product is purely a gifting material, with or without an occasion. It consists of 3 sets of beautifully handcrafted card style wooden tea light candle holder that looks breathtaking at first sight. This uniquely designed card style candle stand will promptly brighten your room and will add a facet of class, dignity, and equanimity. Moreover, its intricate simplicity makes it an authoritative piece in the market.

Final Words! 

So, these 40 Diwali gifts and Home décor items got to my Diwali wishlist and are truly the deserving ones, aren’t they? So, with less than a month left for this auspicious festival of India, get out of your home and get started with your shopping rituals and don’t forget to add some of these into your satchel. I can vouch for the fact that at first sight only, you won’t mind purchasing all of these too! So, either order these online or get them offline, ASAP.

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