Front-load vs top load washing machine

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Front-load vs top load washing machine.

We always have piles of clothes racking up in the laundry bag every day and washing them just becomes more and more tiresome. The manual washing of clothes takes a serious toll on our body and mind, which may make us feel exhausted. In this day and age of automation, manual work is now getting more and more restricted. So why should you be doing all the work when it can be automated. Buying yourself a washing machine will have a big impact on your daily life, which includes having a lot more spare time left with you. It is very confusing which is better front load or top load washing machine

If you are looking to buy a ‘Washing Machine’, then you’re making a good decision. But the good decision doesn’t always turn into a good buy. Several factors are there to be considered while buying a washing machine.

The major ones include price, performance, water and electricity consumption, maintenance and durability.

Let’s discuss each of these factors and some others in detail and help you make the perfect buy.

Performance and ease while using:

Front-load vs top load washing machine

Performance of a washing machine depends on certain washing actions which include spinning, tumbling, scrubbing, rolling, etc. In terms of cleaning clothes, front loaders do a far better job than top loaders.

Front loading washing machines are gentler on your clothes and do less wear and tear as compared to a top-loading washing machine. Top loaders are harsher because of the central agitators present in them. They get hold of stray threads from your clothes and keep on revolving, inflicting more damage and ripping apart clothes.

If you prefer to buy a front loading machine then you can be assured of fewer wash cycles, unlike the top-loading counterparts. Front-loaders have more capacity and hence they are able to run fewer cycles. But there is also a drawback in this case. Once you start the cycle on a front-load, you can’t add any more clothes to the load as the gate need to be closed. This is where top-loading machine owners have an advantage. They can add to the load during any time of the cycle.

If you are an older person, or someone with a back problem, then you might consider buying a top-load washing machine as you don’t have to bend over to put in the clothes. Also, keep in mind that top loaders are better equipped to distribute fabric softener than front-loading machines.

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Spin Speed:

Front-load vs top load washing machine

The drum in a front-loading machine can spin very fast which means there will be less water in the clothes after the wash cycle ends. This ensures that the clothes are cleaned more efficiently.

The less the clothes have water in them, the faster they will dry. So when you’re transferring clothes between the washer and dryer, your clothes will be less heavy and will dry out very fast, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

The major drawback for front loaders, in this case, is the noise generation. Since these machines spin fast, there is much more noise as compared to top-loading washing machines. If you live in a noisy area then you might not want to add more to it, so buying a quieter machine might be a better option if this aspect really matters to you.

Water and Energy Efficient:

Front-load vs top load washing machine

Front-loading washer provides cleaner and water-efficient results after one wash cycle. A front loader not only cleans better than a top loader but also uses one-third water as compared to top loading machines, per wash. If you want to save on your water bill then front loaders are the go-to choice.

Similar is the case with electricity. A front-loader uses less electricity for the same load as compared to a top loader. If you have the flexibility to invest in a front loader, this can be the major defining reason for your buy. Money saved overall on your water and electricity bill will significantly reduce the overall cost of your purchase.


This is the most significant aspect among buyers, especially across India. For buyers with a low budget, top loaders will seem to be a more tempting option to go for. But wait, there is something more to this which you need to understand.

A front loader gives a more gentle and clear wash as compared to its counterpart and is also more water and electricity efficient, which helps in saving you enormous amounts of money on your bill over the years. This reduces the overall cost of the machine making it a good buy.


Front-load vs top load washing machine

There is no competition among both the categories of washing machines in terms of durability. Both have equal chances of having a breakdown. But on a closer look you can figure out that as top loaders have more parts attached to them, they have a slightly higher chance of a part being repaired or replaced in the future. But it not bound to happen. It just remains a possibility which has a more chance of happening than its counterpart.


Front-load vs top load washing machine

This remains one of the major problems with the front load washing machines. The door of these machines closes tightly to prevent leaks and ensure smooth and efficient cleaning.

But this leads to mold formation inside the machine, which lead to bad smells. To prevent this, users leave the door open between wash cycles.

Cleaning the mold takes a lot of time. This is not the case with top loaders as no water is trapped between the gaps, thus no mold is formed.

If you still prefer to buy a top loader after reading the above points, then you are still a part of the 70 percent of people who buy top-loading washing machines.

If you have the flexibility to spend more, then you surely need to go with a front loading washing machine but even if you buy a top loader then also it’s not a bad choice. 

We have given our verdict and the front loader is the clear winner but in the end, everything depends on you and your decision.

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