Vastu for a house | 25 tips to bring wealth, peace and positive energy

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The exploration of Vastu 

Vastu enhances one’s life and gets harmony and flourishing. Behind each Vastu tips for homes is a profound logical reason and subsequently, it turns out to be progressively conceivable to pursue.

Vastu is a lot of rules that enables property holders to lead an upbeat and quiet life in their homestead. The precept of Vaastu is identified with engineering and the structures depend on directional game plans.

Vaastu rules can be connected during the development of homes, workplaces, sanctuaries and different structures and help achieve positive vitality and general prosperity for the mortgage holder. In that capacity, it is critical to remember a few hints while looking for or building your optimal house. 

Vastu Shastra is the old Indian investigation of engineering and goes about as a rule to structuring your home in the manner that upgrades positive vitality

Vastu for the House

Vastu For the house to turn into a home, it needs to emanate the correct sort of vitality. As indicated by various conventional convictions, each home accompanies its own vitality type. An individual dwelling in a house goes under the impact of a particular vitality field, which thus impacts him in one manner or the other.

In this manner, it’s extremely pivotal to comprehend the connection between the mending craft of Vastu and our homes in sharpening energy and great vibes. Remembering the ‘prepared to-move-in’ houses (where structural changes are unrealistic),

Vastu master Ashna Ddhannak, author and proprietor of Enlightening Lifestyle, enrolls ways you can carry equalization to your home. 

vastu for a house

Vastu Shastra is an old guide for a positive For Your home, directly from the passageway of a house to the room, kitchen, restroom, outside, and patio. Vastu Shastra is an old guide for a positive home, directly from the passageway of a house to the room, kitchen, washroom, outside, and yard.

Presently that we as a whole know the monstrous significance of Vastu and its impact upon the amicable condition of our homes, it is basic that we counsel a solid Vastu master as an expert and pursue the powerful Vastu Tips to remain in a serene climate.

The old investigation of development has increased such noteworthiness that today, the deal/leasing of the property relies on its planning according to Vastu Tips.

A portion of the accompanying Vastu tips holds exceptional unmistakable quality. Home purchasers would surely profit on the off chance that they remember these straightforward yet powerful recommendations when chasing for their residence:

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu For Bedroom

1. Placement:

According to the Vastu Shastra, the main room must be in the south-west bearing, and the leader of the family should consume the room. In the event that the house is multi-story, the best course is toward the south-west on the highest floor, and it must be greater than some other room in the house.

2. Placement for the Bed

There is consistently a bed in the room, and with regards to the main room, individuals ordinarily put a jumbo bed to rest and loosen up the body. As indicated by Vastu, the ideal spot to keep the bed is south or west mass of the room with the goal that the head lies in the south or west bearing and the legs are in the north or east course.

3. The bearing of the body while resting

Vastu Shastra additionally gives a few rules on the most proficient method to rest in the room.

  • Legs towards East: Sleeping with legs on the east side brings the name, notoriety, and extravagance to the family.
  • Legs on the west side: Many individuals have a propensity for laying down with legs on the west side, well, for those Vastu benefits otherworldliness, mental amicability and harmony to life.
  • Legs towards North: If an individual lays down with legs on the north side, success and plushness pursue.
  • Avoid Southside: Vastu Shastra says that it is in every case best to abstain from laying down with legs on the south heading as it will prompt terrible dreams, weight as a top priority and chest, awful contemplations and awful rest.

    South course is known to be the side of Lord of death and resting in that side increments mental strain, uneasiness issues, mental infections, and early passing.

4. Avoid corners for the bed

The correct all around the bed is in the middle. Numerous individuals think that its simple to put the bed in the corners all things considered close to charger indicates however concurring Vastu, corners are viewed as unsatisfactory.

Indeed, the main room should just be utilized by wedded couples as it reinforces the connections and gets amicability the family.

Vastu for Kitchen: Source of Energy 

Vastu for Kitchen

5. Location for the Kitchen

Kitchen mirrors the spirit of the family and structures a fundamental piece of the house. It has the ability to improve the quality of the house whenever set in the correct corner.

The perfect area to build a kitchen as indicated by Vastu Shastra is a South-east corner of the kitchen. This corner is viewed as the best as every one of the components of flame are represented from this corner.

On the off chance that south-east corner isn’t accessible; at that point, the following best alternative is the north-west corner of the house.

6. Placement of Gas Stove

Kitchen isn’t called kitchen without a gas stove. It is the place sustenance is cooked, and the best spot to fix the gas stove is again Southeast way.

The segments of fire set toward this way works the best that is the reason it is judicious to cook defying east side of the kitchen.

7. Placement of Sink and Taps

A sink and taps are introduced in the kitchen to make it simple to utilize water for various purposes. Water is utilized in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning, and washing of dishes.

Putting sinks and taps in the kitchen show water stream and introducing them in the North-east bearing and far from a gas stove is the most appropriate alternative. Water and fire are repulsing components and fending off them from one another are the best.

8. Placement of Refrigerator

There are two different ways to keep the cooler, possibly it very well may be put in the kitchen ort can be set outside in the lounge area or living territory.

On the off chance that the icebox is put in the kitchen; at that point, it ought to be set in the south-west course however keeping, in any event, a foot far from the floor.

It is a great idea to keep away from north-east bearing for the fridge as it turns into an obstacle in the kitchen.

Vastu for Bathroom 

Vastu for Bathroom

9. Location for the Toilet

The correct area for the development of a latrine is in the west or north-west side of the room. On the off chance that the latrine is independently developed from the room, at that point north-west side works the best though on the off chance that there is a joined can, at that point west heading suits well.

Building the latrine in the south corner is additionally viewed as favourable; carefully stay away from east or north course.

10. Placement of Water Closet

The water storeroom is a significant piece of the latrine, and most inclined to pessimism. Vastu recommends adjusting the water storeroom toward the north-south hub.

The best arrangements for the water storage room are in the west, south or north-west heading of the latrine. Additionally, ensure the entryway of the can is constantly shut.

Keep a beware of the fitting of the pot, to maintain a strategic distance from any medical problems in future, ensure the pot is fixed in such a way, that no individual faces east or north bearing while at the same time sitting.

11. Entrance for the Toilet

The best choice to develop a latrine is far from the room, however on the off chance that it is joined, at that point, it is ideal to keep some separation in the middle of or a little changing area to maintain a strategic distance from a direct connection.

The passage of the can must be on the east or north divider, a couple of feet higher than the ground level.

12. The deck of the Toilet:

The ground surface of the latrine is something imperative to consider. Vastu encourages to utilize marble or tile flooring for the can and slanting towards east or north with the goal that the water channels from these sides as it were.

It is said that all the water depleted contains poisons, negative energies and abhorrence considerations and depleting them in the east or north bearing is viewed as useful for wellbeing.

For taps, showers, washing items and adornments, east, north or north-east heading is the best.

Vastu Tips for Puja Room

Vastu Tips for Puja Room

13. Location for the Pooja Room

The best area for the pooja room is north, east or north-east course. The principal purpose for these areas is that the sun ascends from the east and north bearing in this way sunbeams straightforwardly go into the room which is viewed as favorable and a gift from the Sun God.

These areas are likewise viewed as tranquil and very which is fitting for reflection and supplications.

On the off chance that the structural plan characterizes a major pooja room, at that point, it very well may be developed right in the focal point of the house.

14. Placement for the Room

Many individuals accept that pooja rooms ought to be on the primary floor or some other advantageous spot. In any case, as per Vastu Shastra, the correct spot for a room is on the ground floor, neither storm cellar nor first floor. The cellar is viewed as a dim spot and having a pooja room in obscurity is certifiably not a decent alternative.

Additionally, developing a sanctuary on the primary floor supports sluggishness, inertia, and torpidity which is again off-base. In this manner, to revere God, go to the ground and appeal to God for advancement. In the event that there is no space for the development of a sanctuary;

you can generally put a little sanctuary in the north-east heading. Maintain a strategic distance from south bearings as it is viewed as ominous.

15. Places to maintain a strategic distance from for a sanctuary

Nowadays, the pattern is to put a little sanctuary as opposed to building a major sanctuary in the house. Vastu says it is smarter to maintain a strategic distance from rooms,

kitchens and wherever close to the can for a sanctuary. You can put a sanctuary in the front room in the north heading.

16. Placement for the Idols

Keeping symbols in the pooja room is another real undertaking. It ought to be finished with legitimate thought and arranging. Vastu Shastra clarifies that the best bearing to put every one of the icons is north-east, east and west headings.

Continuously fend off the icons from the north side on the grounds that the admirer sits on the south side which disrupts the attractive guideline of earth.

Vastu for study room

Vastu for study room

17. West South West Zone

South-West corner of the house/room is the Best heading for Studying and face towards the North-East while examining.

18. Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is said to be the Goddess of Knowledge thus she has a celestial status among every one of the individuals who wish to increase unadulterated learning.

An examination room or a petition room should consistently comprise of a photograph outline or a symbol of Goddess Saraswati for her approval.

19. Face West Direction

There are sure bearings, according to Vastu contingent on which subjects are being considered. For instance, to accomplish capability in arithmetic and science, understudies should study confronting the West.

20. Impact of Facing South

If one investigation confronting the South, he/she grows great discussing aptitudes, sensible capacities, and sharp business mind

Vastu For Dining Room 

Vastu For Dining Room

21. Placement for the Dining Room

The Dining room can be a self-sufficient room or in continuation with the kitchen in the east, west or south side. Regularly individuals feel confounded about the heading, however with regards to the lounge area, any bearing is reasonable, everything necessary is it must be close to the kitchen.

22. Near and same floor as the Kitchen

The Dining room ought to be on a similar floor as the Kitchen. There is no point of having the Dining room on some other floor other than the Kitchen as it will end up hard to convey utensils and hot sustenance. Along these lines, Vastu encourages to consistently keep the lounge area and kitchen on a similar floor for the smooth progression of work. 

23. Perfect Shape for the Dining Table

The best type of the Dining Table as per Vastu Shastra is Square or Rectangle. There are numerous Shapes like round, oval, hexagon or some other unpredictable shapes eating tables are accessible however they are best maintained a strategic distance from. When sitting at a table one needs enough space with the goal that one can eat easily.

In the meantime, there ought to be sufficient space on the table to suit everybody’s plates, which is the reason the square and rectangular shape is liked. 

24. A spot for the Dining Table

The best spot for the feasting table is in the focal point of the room. Abstain from contacting eating table with dividers as it is simpler to sit on every one of the seats.

On the off chance that the feasting table contacts the divider, ensure just one side gets secured, and the rest of the space is free and open enough to sit.

25. Way to sit on the Table

Vastu likewise gives rules on the best way to sit on the table. With regards to sitting on the feasting table, one ought to sit confronting east, north or west side. The leader of the family should take the east side, and the remainder of the family can sit confronting east or north or west side.

It is viewed as great when the sun beams enter legitimately from east course and light up the day. Abstain from sitting south-bound as the North Pole and south-bound bearing repulse one another and make an unevenness throughout everyday life.

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