Vastu for Kitchen

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Vastu for Kitchen

A kitchen is an integral part of every household in India. Almost half of the family members spend half of their time in the kitchen only, cooking food, washing utensils, keeping the cutlery at the right place, etc. It is the place where raw and uncooked food is transformed into healthy and nutritious food that provides us with energy for various day-to-day activities. But, that energy should have a positive impact on our body. This is not only determined by the quality of the ingredients used but mostly due to the Vastu directions for Kitchen Colour.

Yes, you heard it right. Vastu kitchen tips are of utmost importance if you want to lead a prosperous life in the future.

If the kitchen set up is not in accordance with the Vastu, the energy from the food will have a negative effect on the body and the mind.

It will lead to dissent among the family members, will lead to frequent, rifts, etc.

Vastu helps us in having the perfect positioning of every kitchen item like utensil storage, door, wall colour, sink, refrigerator, wooden work, gas stove, grain containers, etc. 

According to Vastu, the Lord of Fire or Agni lies in the south-west direction making it the most prominent direction for setting up the kitchen.

This direction is believed to have a positive impact on the cooked food and the energy we receive from that food is a positive one.

According to the kitchen Vastu, one should avoid directions like north, north-east, north-west as Vastu claims these directions as a negative one and can lead to rifts between family members.

So, now with the position of the kitchen being decided, its right time for us to have a serious discussion over the positioning of other kitchen items.

So, here is the list of Vastu tips for Kitchen.

  • Sink
  • Colour of the walls
  • Refrigerator
  • Utensils
  • Gas stove
  • Windows
  • Grain Containers 

Let’s have a look at their appropriate position in the kitchen following the Vastu Shastra.


Vastu for Kitchen

According to Vastu, the north-east direction is most suitable for storing water-containers, bottles or sink. To maximize the positive impact of Vastu, the kitchen slab should be either orange, yellow, of green.

When you place the sink in a northeast direction, it can lead to prosperity, wellness, and happiness among the family members.

Colour of the Walls

Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen wall colour is the most important thing that needs more discussion as this not only affects the appearance of the kitchen but can also lead to the breeding of negative energy in the house.

According to the Vastu for kitchen colour, the more vibrant colour walls will feature, the better it will be for the family. Vibrant shades like orange, yellow, brown, etc. are the most preferred shades when it comes to wall colors.


Vastu for Kitchen

According to the Vastu principles, it is like a necessity to have at least one window pointing to the east, the direction from where Sunrises.

It is believed that being able to receive early soft Sun rays is beneficial for health.

Sun rays not only brighten up the kitchen but can also save electricity. Windows acts as a ventilator and this ensures a continuous flow of air, thus maintaining a healthy kitchen atmosphere.


Vastu for Kitchen

A refrigerator is one of the many electrical appliances that one can find in every kitchen along with a microwave oven, heater, chimney, etc.

Vastu suggests that the appropriate direction for a refrigerator or any other appliance is south-east direction like that of the gas stove.

This has several benefits as it leads to a positive vibe in the kitchen gives longer life to the appliances, etc.


Vastu for Kitchen

According to a study, a kitchen should be clutter-free as much as possible. So, the cupboard to be used for keeping all the utensils at one place should be mounted on either western or southern walls. This enhances the appearance of the kitchen too.

Gas Stove

Vastu for Kitchen

Since a gas stove is concerned with fire or the Lords of the Fire, it should be placed in the south-east direction like that of the kitchen itself. And one should cook food while facing the east direction as this brings positive energies in the home.

Moreover, two elements of opposite behaviour should not be placed parallel to each other as this can have a negative impact on the person cooking food.

For example, water elements like a tap, water bottles and fire elements like a gas stove should be placed perpendicular to each other to prevent the evolution of negative energy.

Grain Containers

According to the vast kitchen tips, all the containers like ones for slices, grains, nuts, snacks, food, etc. should face the southern or western direction. This increases their shelf-life, taste, and benefits to the body.

So, this puts an end to the discussion over the correct positioning of various kitchen items according to the kitchen Vastu. But we haven’t talked anything about the practices we must avoid to have a Vastu compliant kitchen. So, here they go.

  • The kitchen should not point towards the northeast direction of your home.
  • Colour of the walls of the kitchen should not be black or any other dark colour.
  • The kitchen should not have washroom adjacent to it.
  • It should not be construed over the place of worship.
  • The kitchen should have wooden doors and not metallic one.
  • Doors should not be in a corner and should be at an appropriate distance 
  • The gas stove should not be placed such that it faces towards the door.
  • The kitchen should not be adjacent to the bedrooms.
  • The kitchen should be maintained in such a manner that it remains clutter-free all the time.
  • Never eat anything standing close to the cooking station.
  • Always avoid leaving the entrance of the kitchen open while going to sleep.

So, all these common practices if avoided can bring in happiness, prosperity, and a feeling of love among the family members. So, always keep these instructions in mind and give way for positive vibes to enter your house.

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